Ridge Amateur Radio Club
W4RRC | Batesburg-Leesville, SC | 147.255+ 123.0


Russ D Rhodes, KD4HDR, Net Control, Talks About SIMPLY SIMPLEX SOMETHING NEW

When we started the 2 meter simplex net over twenty years ago it was something new. In fact it was the first 2 meter simplex net in the Southeast. Since then other such nets have begun in Charlotte and Atlanta. We did it to keep our Ridge Amateur Radio Club members informed, challenged and connected. At the time there was no other way since we did not have our repeater up and running. It was new and useful then and still provides a special opportunity and service to the community without tying up a repeater.

  • 2M Simplex Net every Sunday at 9PM on 146.55MHz
  • Net Connection using our club repeater on 147.255MHz after the Simplex Net


After Hurricane Katrina hit the South in 2005 we began to realize the importance of using HF on a special emergency frequency. Finding that both North Carolina and Georgia had frequencies set aside for emergencies, we settled on 3.959MHz. It’s a great time to check out the new mike or the modified antenna. And it helps keep the dust off your HF Rig.

  • Emergency and Experimenter’s Net the first Saturday of the month 3.959MHz (or close to it) at 9PM. As we like to say, 3959@9pm. Join us there.
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